Tutes Matches, has been specialized on Promotional Match Boxes since 1987. During this period, local sales have been extended to European , American – Canadian and Cuba markets through valuable distributors.

Tutes Matches is producing all her products under one roof without a need of a outer source or auxiliary production. This point enables Tutes Matches to reach 25,000,000 match box capacity annually.

Along with clients which have orders starting from 2,500pcs, we are proud to say that we are producing match boxes and doing special projects for almost all major tobacco companies . We are also proud to say that, Tutes Matches, has been one of 3 companies around the world as “approved supplier for intensive products” by Philip Morris, Switzerland central office.

Since year 2000, Tutes Matches also produced special design boxes such as gift packs, band aid boxes and chocolate boxes for FIFA.

As a first hand producer, we will guarantee to give top quality and a fast production times along with specialized support for logistic needs.

Some photographs from our factory